Painting Category: Polyptych

Polyptych. Orient world 2

The elements of framework are absorbed into oriental tradition. Architecture: temples, traditional gardens (zen buddhism)

Polyptych. Orient world 1

The polyptych, oriental world in interior space. The elements of framework are absorbed into oriental tradition: a ritualized form of making tea (tea ceremony, art of tea), traditional clothing (kimono) and traditional makeup, art of flower arrangement (Ikebana).

Polyptych. Noh Masks

This painting is about the Noh Masks and classical japanese theatre. Noh masks begin in Muromachi period (1392-1573). There are six basic types of 450 different masks. The mask cover the actor’s facial expressions. The actors use masks with the body movements and the enlightenment, the mask communicate different emotions of the audience. In this …

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Polyptych. Venetian Masks

The carnival of Venice started in the year 1162, in the honor of the victory of the “Serenissima Repubblica” In San Marco Square the people started to dance and make reunions. This painting show the most important events “la maschera piu bella” (the most beautiful mask) and how the carnival protect venetians against the anguish …

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