The roots of my artistic expression are both eclectic and holistic. My paintings reflet the eternal search for knowledge between rationalism and mysticism, articulated around two main axes: the process of human activities, particulary the creative process.. the execution of the paintings with efford, tenacity, perseverance and discipline. I reveal the essential elements of a knowledge process, and creative process with the style of expressionism, the narrativity with the dialogue between figure and abstraction, reality and fantasy. The coexistence of opposites establishes a harmonious understanding. I fuse shape and colour. I opposite characters, contents, colours, forms… The synthesis of ideas emerged in new understanding with comparison and opposition. The retrieval and exploitation of the past and contemporary research are very important in my creative process. Forms of expression present and forms of expression past are both perhaps present in forms of expression future. ——– B. in Barcelona.I studied phylosophy, aesthetic and filmmaking. Now I’m living in Madrid (Spain).


Bachmors nació en Barcelona, España. Se licenció en Filosofía y Ciencias de la Educación en la Universidad de Barcelona, realizando especialización en filosofía del lenguaje y estética. Estudió en el CECC de Barcelona Dirección cinematográfica durante tres años. Estudió y realizó cursos en Informática y estudios financieros.

2016 Selected in Artbox Project Miami.

2016 “Talisman” selected in Barnebys lot for sell.

2016 Saatchi Art, Selected on curator’s list: You Might Like California, USA

2015 Saatchi Art, Selected on curator’s list: You Might Like California, USA



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